What housing options do you provide?

Vermilion & District Housing Foundation offers the following housing options:

  • Westend Manor (16 units)—independent living, one-bedroom suites with common area, each suite has a private entrance, laundry on site
  • Parkway Manor (31 units)—independent living, two-storey building with an elevator, laundry on site, common areas
  • Valley View Manor (15 units)—independent living, two-storey building with an elevator, laundry on site, common areas
  • Pioneer Haven in Islay (4 units): independent living, each with separate entrance, laundry in suites, small individual yard
  • Cottages (2 pods of 4 units)—independent living, each suite has private entrance, common laundry in each pod
  • Valley Lodge (84 rooms)—independent living with light home care support, laundry on site or done for a fee, meals, weekly housekeeping, recreation  
  • Supportive Living Level 3 (40 rooms)—independent living requiring more day-to-day care, 24-hour health care aid support, 24-hour on-call Home Care nurse or LPN also visits daily  
  • Community Housing (5 duplexes = 10 units)—three-bedroom, single and two-storey options

What is supportive living?


What is Home Care?

Home Care is for people who live in their own home, apartment, condominium, or other independent living option, such as a lodge. Individuals are responsible for arranging the home care and support services they require.

Home Care can provide in-home professional support services such as nursing and rehabilitation, and personal support services like assistance with medication, bathing, or grooming.

To arrange for Home Care, call Central Intake Placement at 1.855.371.4122 to discuss the services available to you.

How do I get into one of the housing choices?

Manors and Lodge

For the manors and the lodge, you must complete an application and undergo a medical exam. 


Once completed, call 780.853.5706 and make an appointment to discuss your application and medical. Please bring a copy of your most recent Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada.

Once suitability is determined and there is an available unit, we will give you a date for moving in. If there isn’t a unit available, you’ll be placed on a waitlist and contacted once a unit opens up.

Priority-Based Acceptance

Please note that being added to a waitlist does not mean you will be the next person contacted. A unit may become available, but we may have to accept someone who is in the hospital and unable to return to their home.

Supportive Living Level 3 (SL3)

To be placed in SL3, Home Care must assess you at a level 3. VDHF provides housing for SL3 care under contract with Alberta Health Services. Home Care must do an assessment to determine eligibility. The health care aids are hired by VDHF but take direction for resident care from Home Care,

What will I have to pay to live in the housing options?


The manors are owned by the Alberta government and are operated by VDHF. Rent is calculated at 30% of the amount on line 150 from your latest Notice of Assessment, to a maximum of $750. The notice of assessment is the best of proving income but occasionally alternate ways of may be accepted.

Rent in some manors includes heating and electricity for a monthly charge of $50. Utilities are your responsibility in some manors.

There is a $10/month charge for a parking spot. Please note that the number of parking spots is not equal to the number of units.

Lodge and Supportive Living Level 3 (SL3)

The lodge is owned by VDHF. Rent is based on the amount on Line 150 on your latest Notice of Assessment, which is divided by 12, then reduced by $315. (According to the Province, you must have $315 discretionary income.)

Maximum rents (as of March 1, 2017) are as follows:

  • A & B small rooms            $1,223 (plus subsidy if income is over $28,460)
  • A & B large rooms            $1,251 (plus subsidy if income is over $28,460)
  • D & E rooms                       $1,324 (plus subsidy if income is over $28,460)
  • Supportive Living             $1,597 (plus subsidy if income is over $28,460)
  • Example: Line 150 shows $19,543 income divided by 12 = $1,314 - $315 = $998 rent
  • Example: Line 150 shows $35,000 income divided by 12 = $2,916 - $315 = maximum rent

The Alberta government subsidizes low-income residents at $12.45/day, under $28,460 annual income. The subsidy for those over $28,460 is an additional $379/month. There is a mandatory cable fee of $23/month.

What is included in the rent for lodge and SL3?

  • Three home-style meals a day plus snacks three times a day
  • Housekeeping once per week, annual cleaning
  • Linens and towels
  • Furniture—single bed, night table, and dresser
  • Recreation, including outings
  • A locked drawer for storing valuables and important papers

What other services are available?

  • Hairdresser on site Tuesday and Thursday—call 780.853.5706 and ask for hairdresser
  • Advanced Level 2 pedicurist on site—call Kari at 780.814.2133 for appointment
  • Hearing aid specialist once every three months
  • Clothing companies come and set up in Recreation Room
  • Bus service from the door at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and the bus is available for special trips

What services do I need to arrange for?


Our telephone provider is Telus.  You contact them and give them the room number once it has been assigned


You must change your address with Canada Post. The lodge’s address is:

 5401 46 Street, Vermilion,  AB T9X 0B6 

Please note that Canada Post is not able to forward mail once a resident moves from this facility

When the first phase of the new building is open, there will be a mailbox for every room

When are meal times?

A hot breakfast is served at 8 a.m. We will soon be starting a continental breakfast, available until 11 am

Dinner is the main meal of the day, and is served at Noon

Supper is a lighter meal and is served at 5 pm

Coffee and Snacks are served at 10 am, 3 pm and 8 pm