Recreation & Activities

Recreational programming encourages conversation, laughter, mental stimulation and physical activity. Activity programs are planned daily with daily exercise, games, outings, music, movies, arts & crafts, and memory enhancements.

An activity calendar is posted in each room as well as on the information bulletin board in the common area. There are a variety of group events, entertainment, games, exercises, movies, music, news, outings and more planned for activities.

Activities are offered in large groups, small groups and on a one-to-one basis depending on the type of activity and the needs of each individual person.




Monthly Newsletters:

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Monthly Activity Calendars:                      

October Activity Calendar                                 
September Activity Calendar                         
August Activity Calendar                                
July Activity Calendar                                       
June Activity Calendar                                      
May Activity Calendar                                        
April Activity Calendar     


News Articles:     

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