Wildrose Manor
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Wildrose manor

Wildrose Manor is in the Village of Chauvin. This is a thriving community populated with rich agricultural farmland and oilfield industry.  It is known as the home of the World’s Largest Softball. The village has a fully serviced Kings Park Campground for you to enjoy. The natural outdoors and beautiful beach at Dillberry Lake Provincial Park just a few minutes away are another asset to the community. Wildrose Manor joined the Vermilion & District Housing Foundation family on January 1, 2021.

Wildrose manor

The Four-Plex was built by Alberta Provincial Government to support Senior Citizens in the Village of Chauvin and the surrounding area.  Each home has a full kitchen, living room, 1 bedroom, in-suite laundry washer/dryer, furnace room, storage room, front yard and plenty of room in the backyard. The manor is close to the church, parks and shopping district.