The town of Wainwright is located in East Central Alberta, near the beautiful Battle River Valley.  Wainwright is a vibrant and friendly community with great accessibility for seniors and home to the Canadian Force Base (CFB) Wainwright.


In 1978, members of the Lions Club outlaid a vision to offer senior housing in Wainwright.  An application was submitted and accepted on November 1979 forming the Lions Management Group (LMG).  LMG was a non-profit organization and they cared for three existing senior self-contained apartment complexes as well as two ‘Rural and Native Housing’ homes in the Village of Edgerton, Alberta.  All facilities are situated within the M.D of Wainwright. In 1994, Lions Management Group accepted responsibility for the management of the Private Landlord and Direct to Tenant Rent Supplement Programs, which continues today.

On December 31, 2020 the Lions Board of Directors ceased to operate and dissolved the Lions Management Group. With the approval of Alberta Provincial Government and the Vermilion & District Housing Foundation (VDHF) Board of Directors, The Lions Management Group was amalgamated with VDHF, effective on January 1, 2021.

The cost of rent is determined by the resident’s monthly income.  Rent is between $125.00 and $625.00 per month.  The Town of Wainwright utilities are included in your rent.  Depending on which building you choose, the power could be either added to your rent, or the suite could be metered.  Telephone, television and internet, if you choose, are the tenant responsibility.  All suites come with a refrigerator and stove. Fully powered parking stalls are in the parking lots at each building. Each building does have a social club that plans activities for those who wish to attend. Ground floor suites all have an area outside their windows where they may put potted flowers and plants.


Frontier Manor is a 2 story secured apartment complex with 24 suites.  This Manor is very close to downtown and just steps away from the Prairie Rose Senior Centre.  All suites are one bedroom with a kitchen, living room, storage room and bathroom.  This building has a waiting area just inside the secured doors for the comfort of our residents.  Also for the residents enjoyment there is a large common room which can host everything from a small get-together to a large gathering.  This room can be closed off to allow for private functions. The common area leads to the patio equipped with furniture and a barbecue for the residents’ enjoyment. Another nice feature of the building is there is no charge laundry available on both floors.  Laundry has designated times with extra free time as well.



Pioneer Manor is a single story building with 18 apartment suites.  All suites are one bedroom with a kitchen, living room, bathroom and storage room.  Near the center of the building is the laundry room complete with two washing machines and two dryers. There is no extra charge for this.  Each resident is given a designated time for laundry with plenty of free time available as well.   Dividing up each wing of the Pioneer is a very spacious common area. In the common area there is some exercise equipment.  Morning coffee and fellowship is enjoyed by any residents who wish to attend.   The Battle River Lodge is just a few steps away where you can participate in an exercise class, listen to some excellent live music, or play a game of bingo.  Parking for Pioneer Manor is situated at the south end of the building.  During the warm weather months, there is a beautiful, covered patio equipped with furniture and a barbeque looking out at one of the lodge’s gardens where you can relax away the lazy days of summer.



Heritage Manor is an 18 unit single story apartment complex.  This building is situated in a quiet part of town.  The grounds have many mature apple trees for the residents to munch on or to bake with.    Heritage Manor has a common area dividing the east and west wings.  The common area is equipped with full size kitchen appliances. On those cold days there is a central fireplace to cozy up to. The laundry room equipped with 2 washers and dryers is just off the common area.  Each resident has a specific time for their personal laundry, which is available at no charge.  Full powered parking is available at the back and east end of the building.  There are two furnished patio areas where residents can sit and enjoy either the shade or sun. As well there is a barbeque for the residents’ use.


The Government of Alberta has redesigned its Rent Supplement Program to meet the needs of more Albertans, including working families and those most in need.

Starting April 1, we are accepting applications for the Rent Assistance Benefit. Formerly, the Direct to Tenant Rent Supplement, this long-term benefit will continue to subsidize low income Albertans.

For more information please contact Brenda Cook, Community Manager, Seniors and Housing at 780-842-5936 Email: cm.ww@vdhf.ca

For more inquiry regarding applications and eligibility requirement you may reach us at our

Wainwright Office: 801 3 Avenue.  Wainwright, Alberta T9W 1R9

Phone number: 780-842 – 5936     Email: cm.ww@vdhf.ca Corporate Office 780-853-5706 or admin@vdhf.ca